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ICM Fuel Sender

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    This device converts a resistance based fuel sender to a 0-5 Volt signal necessary for use with with almost any data acquisition system that uses industry standard 0-5V sensor input for analog channels. No more pumping gas in and out to determine the exact fuel level. Using this sensor and your data acquisition system you can determine your fuel level using your data acquisition system. You will need to create a custom sensor for your particular data acquisition system, an easy and straight forward task.  Get rid of the inaccurate and slow responding stock fuel gauge and take advantage of your investment in a data acquisition system. Useful for both track and street driven cars.

    Much more than just a simple voltage divider circuit, a custom circuit board, IC's, and voltage regulators are used to produce the most accurate output possible. Unit is packaged in a durable plastic enclosure approximately 1.5x1.5 inches in size. Specify your vehicle and/or the fuel tank sender ohm range so we can program the unit for your application. These values can be found in the service manual or by a google search. For common applications (BMW, Miata, Boxster, Honda) we generally have that data already.  If your car uses two in-tank senders (BMW) you only need one ICM sender.

    Note - these units are designed for Sprint racing. As a result there is a minimum of  dampening designed into the ICM sender resulting in a very active gauge reading when the car is in motion due to the fuel slosh that occurs. The RaceStudio3 application provides real time math channel capability to allow you to add dampening to the fuel sender channel to make the output more usable while the vehicle is in motion. The gauge is very accurate when the vehicle is stopped.

    The unit is plug and play for AIM MXL/MXL2/MXS/MXG/MXP/MxM units with the binder interface option. Just connect the extension cable to an analog channel interface and connect the fuel sender input wire to the converter.  A custom sensor calibration will need to be performed or alternatively the calibration sheet (if one is available) can be used to create the custom sensor.  The flying lead version unit has leads for connecting to a wide variety of systems or adding your own connector. 

    Make sure and select the correct sender version for use with your system.

    Note: If using a Strada dash you will need to order the analog connector harness in order to connect the sender to the dash and choose the binder 719 connector option or craft your own connection to the datasystem.  

    We cannot provide support or warranty for units that have been opened or modified in any way. 

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    1. Solves the issue

      Well designed and easy to install. This device makes it easy to convert an ohm signal into a 0-5V signal. This allows it to be used with data loggers such as the Aim system. on 20th Apr 2018

    2. Prod is great

      This is a great product, and the customer service is awesome! Highly recommended. on 21st Nov 2015

    3. Excellent, easy to install and works great

      Excellent product with easy to follow instructions and wiring. With very little effort I was able to convert the fuel level signal on my e30 M3 to a 0-5V signal for my Motec digital dash. Great product. on 20th Nov 2015

    4. fuel sender for AiM Pista

      Super easy to configure. Accuracy seems excellent thus far. Running with a pista dash and a fuel safe porsche specific cell. on 20th May 2015

    5. Fuel Sender for '95 Spec Miata

      This product was super easy to install, pretty much just plug-and-play with my MXL Pista dash. Calibration is the only time consuming part, but even that was doable in about 90 minutes for a 12.7 gallon fuel tank. on 4th May 2015

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