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ICM AIM MXL2 Miata System

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    Save big with this package.

    This is a complete data system for your Miata, Specifically designed for race cars where the OEM instrument cluster has been removed it includes a fuel sender to allow the MXL2 Dash to display fuel level. This is important in weight conscious classes such as Spec Miata and PTE and it eliminates the need to pump gas out of the car for weighing. A time consuming and tedious process at best. The important 'engine health' channels are monitored with high quality temperature and pressure sensors and are displayed on the dash. A high quality GPS sensor provides lap times, predictive lap times, and track mapping. The MXL2 also incorporates a 3 axis accelerometer. The Wideband LCU and fuel pressure sensors allows you to display and log Air Fuel ratio AND fuel pressure allowing you to tune your car to maximize on track performance. 

    The complete system includes: 

    • AiM MXL2 Dash system with GPS antenna.
    • ICM Fuel Sender
    • AiM DataHub for CAN network expansion
    • All patch cables
    • Fuel Pressure Sensor
    • Fuel line adapter
    • AiM LCU Wideband O2 sensor
    • Oil Pressure sensor
    • Oil Pressure mounting kit including block adapter
    • Water Temp adapter and temp sensor
    • Cluster Panel for replacing the stock OEM gauge cluster


    Specifics on the individual components included can be found in the Electronics section of the webstore.

    Add a SmartyCam for an integrated Data and Video system. No more forgetting to turn cameras on and off. Data is automatically overlayed on the video at record time so no more video post processing!

    The hardware package is preconfigured for fuel level, fuel pressure, water temp, oil pressure, AFR, and water temperature sensors but has significant expansion capability. If you need any additional sensors or capabilities please contact us to discuss your needs and available options. Throttle position, steering position, and other sensors are easily added when you are ready to expand you datasystem.




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